Friday, September 4, 2009

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You hear some folk say kindergarten is a waste of your time, while others have the opposite perspective. Even at my age i can remember kindergarten rather. It seemed to consist of especially getting read to, coloring with crayons or painting and taking a nap on the floor. Not too exciting huh? And not very educational either. I believe one of main goals of kindergarten in the general public school system is to teach youngsters to obey. Sounds kind of like America today, doesn't it?

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You see youngsters at this age are craving to learn. Their small brains are like dry sponges prepared to soak up any knowledge thrown their way.

It can just fit into a normal day. For instance, begin talking to your youngsters ; a lot. And not baby talk. Get them interested by what you are doing at the time and tell them why you're doing it. Keep them in the kitchen when you are cooking and say why you do things the way you do. Do this at least 30 mins a day and soon they will be repeating some of the same words and asking tons of questions. there were reports that suggest that children that come from homes where there's not too much talking have a hard time learning to read. Reading. Read to them a lot. Start with picture books explaining what all of the pictures mean as you read. Move on to longer books without pictures and stop sometimes and ask them questions on what you just read. It'll make them curious to stay targeted on the story.
Read the same books repeatedly. Repetition builds literacy, even if it drives you crazy! Record your reading on tape if it truly starts to get to you and they can replay them as many times as they need. You're trying to get them to love books and reading. This type of exercise makes them want to learn reading fast.
Spelling. All we do here is buy some alphabet blocks and with the alphabet song, learn the alphabet. Then after they learn, you may be talking with them in the kitchen for example and tell them,' I know you cannot read yet, but would you please go to the cupboard and get me the can with the word on that starts with a C. That's's corn'. They'll delight in this game.
Writing. We'll try and attain just two things. Teach them the easiest way to hold a standard pencil and do writing exercises. Why? Because most loops made in cursive writing are made counter-clockwise, which is difficult for most young people to learn. If you start imprinting that in their brain before they learn to write, they are going to have a much easier time of it. Just have them draw counter-clockwise coils of circles like a continual slinky toy or swirls of smoke from a chimney or locomotive. Before long they'll have it down cold.

Tiny brains at this age need physical objects to learn how to count. Their brains are not matured enough yet to do it well any alternative way. That's why you see the counting on the fingers and toes so much. Just get some beans or other tiny objects and practice adding and subtracting by adding or taking away objects while you say aloud what you're doing.

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